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Heyhey- so I recently heard that the adorable (and skilled) thebusylilbee and their family are going through some financial difficulties and this may cause Blop to be unable to continue college. (you can read more on their situation here)

Education is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves.

So I’m opening emergency donation commissions now for the things listed below.

Full Body (simple background) $20/ €15 
(each additional character is $10/ €7.5)
examples are here: x x x x x

Half Body/ Bust Shot (simple background) $15/ €11 
(each additional character is $5/ €4.75)
examples are here: x x x x x

Stylized Style Simple Animation (simple background) $10/ €7.5
(each additional character is $5/ €4.75)
examples are here: x x x x x

A more complex background can range between 5 to 15 dollars (€4.75 to €11).

Please contact me before you send payment so we can be on the same page about the price and what’s expected in the commission.

Quickie FAQ:

How do I pay?

donate here to Blop’s paypal and screenshot your payment receipt for me, then submit it to my tumblr.

How long will this be going on?

at least two weeks, maybe a bit over a month- I’ll be clear and let everyone know when it’s over.

What can be requested?

Anything, including NSFW, furry, fandom things, and original things.

How soon can I expect my piece?

Within two days to two weeks depending on how many people take me up on this.

If you have any other questions about these commissions, please don’t hesitate to ask me, if you can’t afford a commission but still want to help, every penny counts and please still feel free to donate here <3

Signal boosts would also be appreciated!






not dead masterpost, incase you wanted to see them all in one place. <3

I haven’t seen the last one yet!

Always reblog x

The last one is sad. Why is John on the roof of Bart’s?


Fanfic on Goodreads?




So I received a tweet last night from someone that alerted me to the fact that someone has put up some of my fics on Goodreads. I poked around, and others of the bigger fics in the fandom also seem to be up there.

I guess I was caught mainly by surprise. Is this a thing people are doing now?…

I was just thinking the other day that I need a Goodreads equivalent for fic. I don’t think it feels right to put up fic on that site, not because it doesn’t belong there with books but because it has a different culture associated with it. Anyway, I use Kippt (and before that Springpad) to keep a list of things to read and my favorites. I use the AO3 bookmarks and subscriptions but I like something more dynamic so I can collect things as I see fit (“fics to make me cry”, “fluffy happy fics” “WIPS to check on obsessively” “PWP ~horny goat noises”). But I wish there was a more social and broadly used option. Any suggestions??

Thoughts on this, guys? 

Interesting that you mention this. I occasionally Google some of my titles to see who has recc’d them, because so often they tag my URL as the one on AO3 (with underscores) and then I never see it on here. I want to say thank you, but I have to dig for it. Anyhow, I know that The Measure of a Gentleman has been on GoodReads for some time now, with some reviews attached. I used to be active on GoodReads and know that there are MANY fanfics mentioned on there, with rec lists and the whole bit. It’s never bothered me, really, and if it gains my fic on AO3 more readership? *shrugs*
And honestly, GoodReads was how I found the Sherlock fandom in the first place. The Progress of Sherlock Holmes was on a fic rec list over there, and that was the first one I read, even before I saw the series (I thought, at first, it was written for RDJ Sherlock Holmes).
But the last time I looked, someone had attached a fanart cover for TMoaG. One that I KNOW wasn’t specifically drawn for my fic, but goes with it well enough. What I DON’T want is for the artist to feel that I did that, when, in fact, I had nothing to do with it.
On the other point, it WOULD be nice to be able to organize and consolidate fic recs for myself. I don’t particularly like AO3’s limited way, and don’t necessarily want to do a fic rec page on here… I don’t know. It would be good to hear others’ thoughts on the matter. :D


So it occurred to me today that Mary and Sherlock are each other’s inverse. Sherlock presents a veneer of coldness and insensitivity as a self-preservation mechanism. Mary presents a veneer of warmth and affability to hide how ruthless and dangerous she is.
It reminds me…

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