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Oh great, I’m an MNU bureaucrat. Or a prawn.

I’m the village witch! I get to fly around on a broom and have a smart-alek black cat for my best friend!

I’m a small-town frontier sheriff. In a town populated mostly by lizards, rodents, and other various desert creatures.

I’m Captain America.

Well, shit.

A young peasant maid working in the house of painter, to become his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works.

A mutant.

I’m five plucky talking golden retriever puppies, then.

I’m Robocop.

Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.

Rider of the Toothless. Bring it on!

I’m a chef in an Indian restaurant?

I’m an ancient Grecian Warrior? Um…

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Hello fellow WHOVIANs and SHERLOCKIANs!

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I need 100+ participants for my online survey about fandoms or I will fail my master’s degree in media & communication!


So I really depend on you guys out there to take 15 minutes (tops! I promise!) of your time and fill out this little questionnaire. It doesn’t require any explicit knowledge, all gathered data will be saved anonymously and only analyzed for my master’s thesis.

What’s in it for you?
Apart from helping out a fellow fan and saving my life you can win amazing prizes ranging from handprinted fandom shirts over any fanart you request to signed theatre programs. I will do the biggest give-away in the history of tumblr if I get to 100 filled out surveys! Just complete the questionnaire and leave your email or tumblr username at the end.


(Oh nearly forgot! The survey’s deadline is the 1st of September!)


The Hobbit | Modern Bagginshield!AU

Bilbo Baggins is the owner and operator of Bag End Tea Garden - it is not a cafe, thank you very much - which his parents left to him after their deaths. Although his days are full of good food, (mostly) pleasant company, and relaxing landscapes, he just can’t help but feel like something’s missing.

Thorin Oakenshield is the president of Erebor Jewelers, a company that has been in his family for generations. Sometimes he wishes it wasn’t such a family affair, particularly after his sister Dis books a very important showcase of their spring jewelry line at a local tea garden.

He has to admit, the gardens are very lovely - if you like that sort of thing - and the tea is perfectly brewed - although he prefers coffee - but there’s just something about the owner that drives Thorin mad.

And yet, Thorin can’t stop himself from returning for another cup of tea. And Bilbo can’t help but anticipate his most frustrating customer ever.



John Barrowman talks about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Oh Barrowman :D


I’ve been convinced for a while now that when John and Sherlock grow old, Sherlock will develop Alzheimer’s and slowly forget everything around him. He’ll hold onto John the longest, but eventually John will have to watch as Sherlock loses his brilliance, as the spark leaves Sherlock’s eyes, as he gradually declines until the inevitable day comes when Sherlock looks at John and says, “Who are you?” There will still be times when he knows John, when he’ll kiss him and tell him he loves him, but the periods grow fewer and farther between until John is desperately kissing Sherlock in the vain hope of seeing some sort of recognition in those ice-colored eyes, until John lays awake every night as he listens to Sherlock call for him without seeing him, until he whispers “I love you” into the darkness when Sherlock is asleep because he can’t bear to say it to the shell of the man he loves while Sherlock kicks at him and searches for another John, a younger John, a John from a different lifetime.

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